From long-term planning engagements to short  “get it done now” projects, we help our clients improve short and long term performance. Our services include revenue planning, business planning, strategic planning, fundraising planning, mentoring and coaching, and implementation support.

Revenue Planning


The core of our work is helping organizations plan for their future revenue growth.  Our process is highly customized to the needs of our clients and engages multiple stakeholder groups to ensure alignment around the best opportunities.  At the end of our process, clients are clear on the set of actions they should take to achieve their revenue growth.

Strategic Planning


Strategic and Revenue Planning are inextricably linked. When a strategic plan is not in place or needs updating, The Osgood Group works with to clarify what the client is trying to achieve and for whom, how they can most effectively achieve their desired outcomes, and what financial and human resources are required to achieve their organization's aspirations.

Revenue Audits


Every organization has “low hanging fruit.”   Our revenue audits are brief engagements that involve an intensive review of our client’s business — revenue trends, marketing and development plans, collateral materials and electronic presence — along with interviews with key staff. The end result is a focused list of ideas for increasing revenue.

Fundraising & Business Plans


Sometimes our clients know what they need to do, but need help moving initiatives ahead.  We work with clients to develop focused business plans, development plans, marketing plans and implementation plans.  We provide coaching and mentoring of key staff, and, where needed, help our clients identify and recruit new talent required to 

turn plans into revenue.

Marketing and Development Support


Our team can also provide tactical support 

including market research, analysis, campaign 

design and implementation, strategic 

communications, and grant writing to help clients get new revenue initiatives launched.

Team-building Sessions and Retreats


Revenue building exercises can enliven staff and board retreats, build bridges between departments, and create important linkages between stakeholder groups and between trustees and staff.  We design custom sessions that range from a half-day to several days. These sessions are intended to be fun, while also building the organization’s 

core revenue “muscles”.

Workshops, Courses, Presentations, Facilitated Discussions and Custom Sessions

We work with colleges and universities, professional development organizations, associations and foundations to help build capacity in the nonprofit sector. Topics include revenue growth and planning, earned income strategies, social enterprise, performance management and outcomes. Sessions can also be tailored to the needs of specific organizations for board and staff retreats and team building sessions.


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